On the 5th August our world was turned upside down when at 27 weeks pregnant my little girl decided she just couldn’t wait the extra 3 months and so made her appearance into the world. At only 1lb 9oz Poppie was smaller than you can possibly imagine. As I start this blog she is now 9 months old and a huge 13lb 7oz.

Our journey so far has been tumultuous to say the very least. Poppie’s lungs were so tiny when she was born that she required ventilation and went home on oxygen. We have 3 big tanks at home and 3 little ones for when out and about. The hope is that during this summer she will be weaned from it but Poppie is on her own timetable and so we patiently wait for her. However it does not hold her back and if anything gives her a little extra boost as she is currently meeting milestones for her corrected age.

I used to blog a while ago but life took over and it all fell a little by the wayside. As a new mum with such a special little person in my life, attending baby classes, attempting to get my figure back I feel that I want to share some of my thoughts.