Baby wearing

A brand new world of slings

Holding Poppie close is one of my favourite past times. She has just developed the idea of cuddling and will rest a tired head on my shoulder. Complete heaven for me. So prolonging that feeling of having her close has been amazing through popping her in a sling. A world that you only encounter when a little one enters your life.

I am so lucky to have friends that already have babies and could teach me about slings, the right way, the wrong way and essentially how to get started because it really is a minefield! To start with Poppie and I wrestled with a stretchy, which was amazing for her size as it supported her small stature. But I was not good with so much material. For those that are not familiar with the term a stretchy wrap is essentially a long piece of material that you wrap around yourself and baby. Then ensued a visit to our local sling library. Yes they do exist – a place full of slings and a lovely lady called Nicola in her front room educating me on what is best.

After an intensive hour we left with a connecta and I fell in love. The picture above is Poppie and myself using the connecta. It took a while to wait for the giraffe love print to come back in stock, but worth the wait. Carrying Poppie to the shops, for a walk in the park, up to Headingley for our baby classes brings us closer as I can chat to her about what she is looking at. Walking out of the house with just Poppie and the little oxygen tank on my back is ten times quicker than building the pram and having a battle more recently in the rain. I love how we are adventurers in the sling, being able to walk over rocky terrain, visit the Askwith show in a field or more recently jump over a rather large puddle!

I don’t think that I will ever bore of holding Poppie close. Being such a precious bundle in our lives means that I want to hold her close forever. After having to leave her in the hospital for her first few months on this earth baby wearing gives me the opportunity to make up for lost time. As long as she continues to be so cosy we will carry on our adventures.


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