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Venturing out into the world …

It has taken a long time for Poppie and I to do anything with other babies. The first stumbling block was my complete and utter fear of germs and the lack of control other babies have over their sneezes! The second was the looks people would give us because of Poppie’s oxygen and how she is definitely different to other babies of her age. The third and last barrier to overcome was where on earth to start! This blog is to showcase our adventures and how we are overcoming all of our barriers.

Poppie has definitely been ready to meet her world for a long time. Her smile has won over so many hearts wherever we go and after a bit of investigating we started with Music Bugs. A great place for Poppie to smile and squeal at other mums and babies. A discovery that we made at this week’s group is that Poppie is definitely different to other babies. Regardless of the oxygen connected to her, she is that little bit older than babies of her size and so mums do look at us with a bit of surprise. Poppie’s smiles and engagement with other people surpasses those of a 6 month year old, because that is her corrected age. Her real age being 9 months and her babbles sophisticated in her mind!

Music Bugs is a great place for a bit of exercise as you fling your baby in the air or sway from side to side. This week I bought my mum who chastised me for not knowing songs she had sung to me and my siblings as a child. Those that I do know I sing with gusto but Poppie is often more interested in looking at everyone but me! A personal favourite is The Grand Old Duke of York as Poppie is is lifted high in the air and then back down to rest on my legs. We ended with the banging of a tambourine, an instrument that is just a bit too loud for taking home with us.

Next week will bring a new theme and more exciting squeals from Poppie which is such a joy to watch. I know she loves it as when we get home she babbles away to her Dad over lunch time and it can only be about the two birds that flew away, one named Peter, the other Paul.


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